Welcome to Alpha Sound Recording Studio!

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Welcome To Alpha Sound Recording

We have experience in radio advertisement, Audio post production for Television and Film, and music production. We offer audio lessons to beginner and intermediates with confidence in our methods.

We are exceptional!

We are a group of industry professional with an accumulated 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Bobby Washington the founder and owner of Alpha Sound, is a trained Mix engineer, Producer  and Sound Designer with credits in both the Music and Tv/Film industries. 

Services We Offer

Music Production

 Our music producers are passionate and proffessional composers, songwriters and vocalists who can help bring you sonic direction to fruition whether it’s pop, hip hop or everything in between. Want to re-record a classic and add your own flavor? We can help!


Make your recordings with confidence! We have industry standard microphones of different flavors and pristine preamps to capture your performances exactly. If you have a special request for your fav mic let us know, we got it covered!

Mix & Master

Mixing we address each individual sound and create a radio ready release that translates well across all listening devices.  Mastering is where we assure that the tonal balance and level of your mix competes with other commercially released tracks. 

Audio Post Production

We provide conforming, voice over, sound design, sweetening, versioning, audio editorial, and everything under the sun for your project. With our years of experience in L.A. post audio studios, we can provide an exceptional experience for your next film/tv or video project!

Audio Enhancement

Audio enhancement is a process used to improve an audio recording’s clarity without damaging its authenticity. We can help restore audio from a special occasion or damaged recording. (Enhanced audio recordings can work as admissible evidence in a court of law) Contact us for a free File review 

Education &Training

Education/Training – We prepare aspiring audio professionals for a career in film and music ! Our classes empower our students to gain the knowledge and professionalism it takes to be an audio pro! Our method is “From the Ground Up”. Everything starts with the basics. Contact us for more info

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Welcome to our Blog “Let There Be Sound”, where we discuss the ins and outs of the audio world. 

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